Bathtubs are the most popular surfaces to be refinished. Replacing a tub can take days and unexpected spending. You can save the majority of that time and money by simply refinishing it and giving it a brand new look. We refinish bathtubs, garden tubs, jetted tubs, jacuzzi, fiberglass tubs and clawfoot tubs.


Answer: Refinishing is the process of restoring the old surface of your bathtub, surround, shower, sink, countertop, and cabinets into a brand-new finish by using high performance polyurethane coatings. These coatings attach permanently to the old surface and eliminate the old appearance of the surface which is usually made up of porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, formica, or culture marble.
Before beginning any work, we cover any areas in the bathroom or kitchen where dust can fall. Then we inspect the surface to see if it is original or previously refinished before. If it is original, we prepare the old surface by first eliminating the original glazing of the old surface. Then we sand it to remove any particles stuck on the surface. After those processes have been completed, we fill in any chips, holes, or cracks with bondo. Finally, the tub is sanded for a smooth surface and sprayed with protective coats and topcoats for the ultimate finish. If the surface has been refinished before, then the process will take longer due to the reason that the old coatings will need to be fully removed.
We fix chip repairs, rusted areas around the overflow and drain, cracks, jets sealing and weak supports.
The finish is capable of lasting 7 years and more. Proper cleaning and maintenance will save you from issues with your refinished surface.