When walking into a home, one of the most visible things anyone can see is the type of flooring that the home has. The flooring in your home plays a big role in the aspect of your home. Inside a bathroom, a beautiful design and installation is important. Fantastic Restoration are the experts in flooring you can trust for quality. Below, we have provided useful information when it comes to choosing the type of flooring for our bathroom.


These types of tiles are the most popular go to for homeowners across America. Porcelain tiles are the best option as they are waterproof, easy to clean, cost-effective and stylish. Ceramic tiles are also a popular option but not close compared to the quality of porcelain. Both type of tiles can be slippery, hard under foot and cold depending on the temperature inside and outside the home.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl planks are the most popular type of vinyl used in residential homes. They are waterproof, comes in different colors and designs. It will never absorb water and does not wear out thanks to its polymer-based materials. Typical costs ranges between $2 to $5 per sq ft.


A good option for high traffic areas but not so much for bathrooms. Laminate flooring is one of the popular types of flooring installed today. They are good against stains and inexpensive. They can be delicate when it comes to moisture and be kind of noisy when walking on it. Typical costs ranges between $.75 to $3.25 per sq ft.

Engineered Wood/Hardwood

Engineered wood flooring and hardwood are not recommend for bathrooms. They are water resistant but not waterproof. They are quite expensive, so it is not worth it to ruin it by installing it in a bathroom where it will most likely wear out quickly.