Refinishing Services

Refinishing is the process of completely restoring the old surface of your bathtub, surround, shower, sink, countertop, vanity, and cabinets into a brand-new finish by using high performance coatings. Why replace, spend days, and thousands of dollars when it can be done in just hours and for a small fraction of the replacing cost! We guarantee our work to fully meet your needs! You’ll be amazed by the incredible transformations that can be done on your old surfaces!

What is the process?

Before beginning any work, we cover any areas in the bathroom or kitchen where dust can fall. Then we inspect the surface to see if it is original or previously refinished before. If it is original we prepare the old surface by first eliminating the original glazing of the old surface. Then we sand it to remove any particles stuck on the surface. After those processes have been completed, we fill in any chips, holes, or cracks with bondo. Finally, the tub is sanded for a smooth surface and sprayed with protective coats and topcoats for the ultimate finish. If the surface has been refinished before, then the process will take longer due to the reason that the old coatings will need to be fully removed.

What type of surfaces can be refinished?

Porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, acrylic, culture marble, and solid surfaces.

What kind of repairs can be done?

We fix chip repairs, rusted areas around the overflow and drain, cracks, and weak supports.

How long will it last?

The finish is capable of lasting 10 years and more. Proper cleaning and maintenance will save you from issues with your refinished surface.